Business: Make side income with job, start a new business in just 10 thousand

Now here we are going to tell you about one of the best business ideas, which you can start at home with little investment.

• Start this business from home

• You can earn more with a job 

• Know which business will generate income 

If you want to earn more income besides the job (How to earn money?) then you can do business along with the job. Today we are going to give you a good business idea in which you can comfortably earn millions of rupees every month with very little investment at home.

This is a business that can be marketed both online or offline and earn good profits. 

Chowk making business 

Chowk making is a business that requires very little investment. Through it you can easily earn good money at home. We all know that Chowk is required in every school, college. No more material is needed to make choke. You can start it with just 10 thousand rupees.

A colored chowk can also be made in it along with a white chook. Let it be known that choke is mainly made of Plaster of Paris. It is a white powder. It is a type of clay that can be made from a stone called Gypsum. 

Start business at home with low investment 

The most special thing about chowk making business is that it can be started at home with little investment. It can also be started by the women of the house. Plaster of Paris is mainly used in making Chowk. A white powder is mixed in it which is obtained from a stone called Gypsum. Chowk is in high demand in the market. This skill is used by colleges, tailors, furniture makers. 

This is how to start chowk making business

Let us tell you that to start chowk making business you first need to know about the process of making it. You can also take Chowk making training. You will then need a Trend license. For that you will need pan card. After that you have to open a current account in the bank. After that you take NOC from pollution control board and after that you can start this business.