Check if you have an account in Bank of Baroda: Check Bank Balance in just 1 minute via WhatsApp

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has become an important part of our lives. Be it family or office work, it has become an easy way of communication everywhere. Now many banks are providing banking facility through WhatsApp. At the same time, public sector Bank of Baroda is also offering WhatsApp banking facility. You can avail many services including bank balance and mini statement information through chat on Bank of Baroda WhatsApp number.

Bank of Baroda WhatsApp Banking

BOB Whatsapp Banking: BOB Balance Check on whatsapp: BOB mini statement on whatsapp: Nowadays many banks are providing the facility of Whatsapp Banking. Like SBI, Bank of Baroda is also offering many features on Whatsapp for its customers. Today in this post, let’s know why to use Bank of Baroda’s Whatsapp Banking service? We will get information like BOB Balance check whatsapp number, BOB Mini statement whatsapp number.

Bank of Baroda WhatsApp Banking is available in Hindi and English versions. 24/7 accessibility of banking services, ease of use and convenience for all customers are the main advantages of WhatsApp service. It is safe and secure.

Bank of Baroda Whatsapp Banking Available Features

  • Check account balance.
  • Get a summary of the previous five transactions.
  • Request for check status.
  • Block debit card.
  • WhatsApp Banking Enrollment with Terms & Conditions Acceptance (with OTP).
  • Ask for a checkbook.
  • Know your registered email address.
  • Statement of Account
  • Discontinuing UPI

Account Suspension (Debit Freeze)

Blocking local transactions on debit cards (POS, ECOM, ATM).
Blocking debit cards at POS, ECOM and ATMs for international transactions

Registration and deregistration features for WhatsApp Banking

OTP validation for essential services (like request for checkbook, blocking debit card, disabling card for domestic and international transactions, registration or de-registration of WhatsApp banking and disabling UPI).

24×7 facility will be available

With Bank of Baroda’s WhatsApp Banking, you can enjoy 24×7 banking facilities. You can avail many other features including checking your balance, mini statement.

Important numbers released by Bank of Baroda:

To know your account balance – 8468001111
For last 5 transactions in your account – 8468001122
Toll Free Number – 18002584455/18001024455
For Bank WhatsApp Services – 8433888777

Start Bank of Baroda WhatsApp banking service like this

If you also want to start Bank of Baroda WhatsApp banking in your smartphone, first save the number 8433888777 in your mobile.
After this send Hi to this number_

Bank of Baroda will automatically display the list of available services in front of you.

Now type the keyword of the required service from the list and click on it to use.

Benefits of Bank of Baroda Whatsapp Banking

There is no rush to the bank for work like balance checking, mini statement. So time is saved.

Fastag balance etc. services are also available.

Debit card can be blocked.

There is no need to go to the bank to apply for check book withdrawal.

In the era of digital technology, one does not have to go to the bank for small tasks and even if the bank is closed on holidays, these services can be used at home. You can access your bank account information at the touch of a finger.

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