Deposit 200 rupees in this scheme, get more than 6 lakh rupees together

Action plan / deposit 200 rupees in this scheme, you will get more than 6 lakh rupees

Post Office Scheme: Even today many people want to invest in Post Office as it is considered safe to invest here. Although stock market and mutual funds offer good returns, the level of risk is also the same. So if you want to earn money without risk then this place is best for you. You can invest here, where your money is 100% safe and you can get good returns without any risk. If you want to invest in a place where you get huge profit, you can invest in this post office scheme. Here you can earn lakhs of returns by opening an account.

Here it starts from Rs.100

You can invest in this Post Office Small Savings Scheme by depositing a very small amount. Apart from this, investing in recurring deposits is considered completely safe. You can start investing in this scheme from Rs 100 and invest as much as you want, there is no limit. You can invest in a recurring deposit scheme for one year, two years or more as per your convenience. Interest is also given every three months by post office in this scheme.

Loan facility is available

Any person aged 18 years or above can open an account in this post office scheme. A parent can open an account for a minor child. You can also take loan from this post office scheme. If you want to take a loan, contact your post office branch. You can deposit this loan in 12 installments. You can take a loan of 50 percent of your deposit amount.

This way you will get more than 6 lakh rupees

If you deposit 6,000 rupees i.e. 200 rupees every month in recurring deposit scheme, after 90 months i.e. 7.5 years you will get more than 6 lakh 76 thousand rupees. Suppose you deposit Rs 6,000 per month, then in a year you will deposit Rs 72,000. Similarly you have to invest for 90 months or 7.5 years. In this way you will deposit 5 lakh 40 thousand rupees as investment. After that you will get Rs 1,36,995 as return on maturity of the scheme. 

In this way you will get a total of Rs 6,76,995 after 90 months. In this way you can earn lakhs of rupees by investing in recurring deposits.