Most Successful Small Business Ideas to Do in India 2023 | Small Business Ideas [List]

Most of the people today dream of starting their own business. But they cannot start their business thinking that they need more money to do business, but there are many businesses that can be started with less money. But people do not have this information, due to which they cannot think of starting any kind of business. You must have passion and passion to run a business.

You should never think that your business is small, because business is started only from a small level, getting progress depends on your hard work and not on the level of your business. Once you are successful in your business, you can easily fulfill your dreams. In this article, information about the most successful small business ideas to do in India 2023 is being shared with you.

Most Successful Small Business Ideas to Do in India

Many types of small businesses can be easily started in India. Of which the number is very high, here you are being given information about some of the businesses that you can start even with little money. A small business is as follows –

  • Breakfast
  • Tea Business
  • Video Graphics Business
  • Wedding Planner
  • Electronic Shop Business
  • Grocery Store
  • DJ Service Business
  • Electronic Repair Shop
  • Interior Designer
  • Earn Money From Blogging (Blogging Business)
  • Earn money from YouTube (YouTube)
  • Beauty Parlor Business
  • Printing Business
  • Gift Shop Business
  • Motor Cycle Repairing
  • Tuition Center
  • Readymade Clothes Business
  • Nursery Business
  • Smart Gadgets Shop Business


You can also start your business by starting a food business. For this you only arrange good food so that you don’t have shortage of customers. You don’t need a long list of food and drinks, you can have a traditional breakfast and snack in the morning with a few options.

Tea Business

Tea is a part of anyone’s life, people often like to drink tea while working or even. Drinking tea gives a feeling of freshness and also makes people work smarter. In such a situation, if you start a tea business, you can also earn well. This is a very small business, but you can get more profit from it. It costs 2 to 3 rupees to prepare one tea. The price of this tea in the market is up to 10 rupees, from this you can estimate how much profit you are going to make in the tea business.

Video Graphics Business

Nowadays everyone likes to take great care to make their happy wedding moments memorable. In such a situation, he does videography in his parties. For which he also hires a videographer and the videographer gets good money instead of preparing the video. This is a small business that requires you to have videography skills and a good quality camera.

Wedding Planner

Nowadays, the business of wedding planner is also becoming very popular. If you have the skills to handle all the tasks from invitation to farewell, you too can become a wedding planner. Whenever rich people organize any kind of party or wedding ceremony, they hire a wedding planner to run the event properly, who can take care of all the matters related to their party.

So that all the guests coming to their party can be properly welcomed, for which the wedding planner also gets a lot of money. If you have the skills to properly manage everything that happens in a party, you can also start a wedding planner business, it is not an investment business.

Electronic Shop Business

An electronics shop is also seen as a small business. You can also start your business by opening an electronic shop. In today’s time, many types of electrical appliances are used in every house, in summer season people buy coolers, fans and in winters they buy heaters and water heaters. Apart from this, if a new house is built, electronic equipment is also installed in it so that the wiring work is completed.

You can buy everything from the electronic shop like bulbs, fans, clothes press, coolers, switches, boards, wires and pipes for wiring. This is a business that you can start anywhere in the village or city.

Grocery Store

This is also a small and very useful business. It houses all kinds of items related to household needs. Whenever people want to buy something related to their household needs, they go to their nearest grocery store and buy the goods. This is a business that starts selling as soon as you start. In this, you just have to keep all kinds of household items, so that customers do not return empty handed from your shop. You can start this business even by spending 50 thousand rupees. You can start this business anywhere in the city or village.

DJ Service Business

Whatever the function, people often like to dance and sing, in such a situation people definitely book a DJ. If you start a DJ business, you can provide DJ services for people’s birthday parties, weddings. You also get good income in return for this service. To start this business, you must have a complete set of DJs, and you can run your business properly with 2 people.

Electronic Repair Shop

If you have the skills to repair electronic equipment, you can also run an electronic repair shop business. In this you can earn good money by repairing fans, coolers, fridges, TVs, ACs and washing machines. You can also set up your customers by fixing logo equipment for less money and well, so that your customers will come to you to get their equipment repaired.

Interior Designer

Even if you specialize in interior design, you can earn well. Most people get interior design done to enhance the interior beauty while building their homes. For which he hires an interior designer. Apart from their homes, people living in big cities also get interior design done in their shops and offices. This is also a small and good business to earn money. It doesn’t require any kind of investment, you just need to have designing skills.

Earn Money From Blogging (Blogging Business)

If you want to earn money online through internet, you can do blogging. This only requires you to have knowledge of blogging. If you have writing talent, and you also have internet knowledge, you can earn millions every month through mobile and laptop.

In this, first of all you need to buy a domain name, if you have created a website on WordPress, you will also need hosting. Before starting blogging, you should choose your field so that you can start blogging easily. You can take help of YouTube for blogging.

Earn money from YouTube (YouTube)

In this age of internet, people are earning money online by sitting at home. Maybe few of you know how to earn money from YouTube, here we are telling you that you can earn good money by uploading videos on YouTube. In this, you only have to create and upload videos related to people’s needs. When your videos posted on the YouTube platform reach 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers, your video becomes eligible for monetization. This is a profession in which both men and women can earn.

You can’t earn money from short duration videos, if you have any talent, by which you can make your videos for long duration, then you are eligible to earn money in YouTube. You can also learn Google AdSense, create a channel and video editing on YouTube.

Beauty Parlor Business

If you are a woman, and you have completed a beautician course, you can earn good money by working part-time and running a beauty parlor business. Weddings and parties take place everywhere from cities to villages, women in such functions often make sure to adorn themselves to look beautiful. You can earn good money by making women beautiful anytime. This is a business that you can do anywhere, anytime. You just need to have the talent of a beautician.

Printing Business

This is a very good business, which can be done anywhere in the village or city. Every now and then people have some or the other type of programs here. Invitation cards are used to invite your guests to these events. In which you have to print cards for wedding cards, birthday, bhandara, anniversary and mundan invitations. Besides, you can earn good money by printing visiting cards, bill books, cash memos, stickers, posters and ballot paper during elections. Apart from this, people also print pamphlets to promote their new shops, coaching classes or any other business opening.

To start this business, you need a laptop or computer and a laser printer. In the beginning of printing business you have to invest 15 to 20 thousand rupees. You should also know how to prepare matter for printing.

Gift Shop Business

Gift shop business is also a very popular business. Whenever people go to a birthday party, anniversary party or wedding they like to get gifts. From children to the elderly people of all ages are seeing the trend of gifts. Thus, if you start a gift shop business, it can be a profitable business for you.

Motor Cycle Repairing

It has become common for a person to own a motorcycle. In today’s time almost most of the households will find a motorbike. Some households have more than one motorcycle. In such a situation if you have the talent of motorcycle repairing then you can open a motorcycle repairing center. The labor charge for servicing a motorbike is Rs. 120 to Rs. 200 and is priced at Rs. He has to pay separately. In such a situation, if you service 10 to 12 bikes in a day, you can earn 1200 to 2400 rupees per day. Apart from this you can earn more profit by having automobile parts in your shop.

Tuition Center

Nowadays everyone wants to give good education to their children. That is why people prefer to send their children to private schools, even then some children are weak in one subject or the other. To understand which they have to join tuition class separately. If you also have special knowledge of a subject, you can also open a tuition center to teach children related to that subject. Instead you can earn money in the form of monthly fees. This can be a part time business.

Readymade Clothes Business

Readymade garments business is a very good business which you can start even on a small scale. In today’s time when clothes are available from cheap to cheap and from expensive to expensive in the market. But people prefer to wear readymade clothes instead of getting the clothes stitched. In this people do not need to wait for clothes to be stitched, they can buy and wear new clothes whenever they want. So if you start a readymade garment business, you can earn more profit.

This is such a business. Which is a never-ending occupation, due to which its area is very large. As a wholesale buyer, you can buy cheap and good quality clothes from a large garment industry and sell them at a reasonable price and make a profit.

Nursery Business

If you have more land, you can start a nursery business.
In this you can plant a plant nursery in your land. Nowadays people plant plants to enhance the beauty of their homes. Apart from this, plants also work to provide oxygen, due to which the environment also remains clean. You should have many types of plants in your nursery. Apart from this you can also keep pots in the nursery. Because people who buy plants can also buy pots. You can also earn good money from this. Plant the nursery only where there is adequate water supply.

Smart Gadgets Shop Business

The business of smart gadgets is also becoming very popular these days. You can start this business by investing 50 thousand rupees. You can get many types of unique gadgets in your shop like – Flame Lamp, Dummy Security Camera, Portable Mixer Juicer, Water Dispenser, Racing Car, Magic Mug, Video Amplifier, Mini Sewing Machine, Roti Maker, Sun Glasses, Smart Door Alarm Lock , apart from smart watch, trimmer, slap chop and lighter, many products can also be kept. Apart from this you can also stock cosmetic items, home and kitchen, beauty and fashion products, sport and fitness and electronics items. You can earn double profit from this business.

Besides, there are many such businesses, which you can do as a small business, other small businesses are as follows – cement brick making business, jaggery making business, chickpea flour making business, oatmeal making business, animal feed business, footwear business. Shop, paper envelope business, coconut hair oil business, herbal medicine center, technical support, earn money by writing articles for others’ blogs, earn money by selling photos, affiliate marketing etc.